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Jordan Killpack & Sean Loiselle

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Greg Sarjeant

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Val Karpov

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Greg Sarjeant

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Graham Neray

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Graham Neray

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Graham Neray

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Patrick O'Doherty

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Edit Your Policy in the Dashboard

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How to Build Authorization in Microservices

Graham Kaemmer

Release: Oso 0.26.0 is out, including the data filtering adapter API in Python, Ruby, Node, and Go

Release: Oso 0.25.0 is out, including a new data filtering API in Python and Go

Release: Oso 0.24.0 is out, including our new VSCode extension

Release: Oso 0.23.0 is out, including a Python 3.10 build and better Prisma support in Typescript

Release: Oso 0.22.0 is out, including better policy validation & Python M1 support

Release: Oso 0.21.0 is out, including quality of life improvements and community contributions

Oso 0.20 is out with a big step up for modeling, data filtering, and enforcement

Release: Oso 0.20.0.beta is out with built-in syntax for common models, data filtering in Ruby + Node (more soon!), and built-in APIs for enforcement

Release: Oso 0.14.1 is out, now with built-in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies in Rust & Java

Release: Oso 0.14.0 is out, now with built-in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies in Ruby

Release: Oso 0.13.0 and sqlalchemy-oso 0.9.0 are out, now with a built-in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policy

Release: sqlalchemy-oso 0.7.0 and Oso Roles 0.0.4 are out, including support for SQLAlchemy 1.4 and better performance

Release: Oso roles early access 0.0.2 is out, including conditional permissions and simplified initialization

Early access to our new roles library, plus Oso 0.12.1 is out!

Release: Oso 0.12.0 is out with up to 3x faster data filtering performance, more concise syntax and improvements to the Node, Go and Rust libraries

Release: Oso 0.11.3 is out, including support for web workers in Node and Go support for Alpine Linux

Release: Oso 0.11.1 is out, with Improved Data Filtering Performance and More

Release: Oso 0.11.0 is out, including the official release of the Oso Go Library and Increased Policy Coverage Data Filtering

Release: Oso 0.11.0-alpha now supports Go!

Release: Oso 0.10.0 is out – including Authorization for Your UI, Support for Oso in the Browser, and Support for More List Filtering Operations

Release: Oso 0.9.0 is out with v0 Built-In Roles, sqlalchemy-oso Updates and More

Release: sqlalchemy-oso v0.3.0 and django-oso v0.5.1 are out with Built-In Roles and More

Release: Oso 0.8.2 is out with a new SQLAlchemy integration + more list filtering features

Release: Oso 0.8.0 is out with a new guide on roles, support for null values, and more!

Release: Oso 0.7.1 is out with new arithmetic operators, sample apps and more

Release: Oso 0.7.0 is out with List Filtering in Django and More

Release: Oso 0.6.0 is out with Rust Support and More

Release: Oso 0.5.2 is out with a Django integration and more

Release: Oso 0.5.0 is out with Node.js Support, Debug Mode, and More

Release: Oso 0.4.0 is out with Windows support, Flask, and plenty more

Oso is Now in Developer Preview

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