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Tea with Sam: Build Google Zanzibar in <60 minutes

Our next "Tea with Sam" will cover a hot topic: Zanzibar, Google's consistent, global authorization system. Watch Oso Cofounder/CTO, Sam Scott, implement Zanzibar in <60 minutes live on Twitch.

Event Details

Zanzibar was built in the early 2000's, and Google published a paper on it in USENIX in 2019, but it's been a hot topic lately. Zanzibar is a system that Google built to manage authorization for hundreds of services, including Calendar, Cloud, Drive, Maps, Photos, and YouTube. In this session, Sam will explain:

  • Relationship-based access control (ReBAC), an authorization model that controls who can do what based on their relationship to the data they're accessing
  • How Zanzibar provides a generic implementation of relationships that can be shared across applications
  • How Google achieved scale and standardization, including what tradeoffs it had to make
  • How to implement Zanzibar in <60 minutes in Python
  • How to get the same outcome as Google – but with different tradeoffs

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