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Demo: A Principled Approach to Authorization Using Python & SQLAlchemy

Authorization is an unstructured problem. Writing code to decide who can do what in your app can cover a broad set of cases. The most structure that typically gets applied to this problem area is a set of if statements and roles, but in reality, there are a lot more patterns and structure that we can apply.

Oso cofounder/CTO Sam Scott gave a talk on authorization and how to apply it using Oso, Python and SQLAlchemy. Watch the 20-min talk to learn about:

  • What is authorization and why it matters
  • Common authorization patterns around roles
  • How to apply authorization in Python using SQLAlchemy and Oso

Some useful links for more on this topic:

If you have any feedback, or want to chat about authorization or anything else, come join us in Slack.

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