Why Oso?
noun /ˈō-sō/ — a batteries-included system for building authorization in your application


  • Opinionated primitives for the most common use cases – e.g., RBAC, ReBAC.
  • APIs for the most common authorization checks.
  • Fully managed and performance-tuned, with nodes deployed across multiple regions and near you for <10 ms latency and 99.99% uptime.


  • Full power of a configuration language that we designed and built for authorization so you don’t get boxed into a corner.
  • Query API for asking arbitrarily complex authorization questions.
  • Ability to store some data in Oso Cloud and keep other data in your app.

Developer Tools

  • Tooling for each phase of development – e.g., policy builder, VScode extension, unit tests, EXPLAIN debugging.
  • …and production – e.g., logging, backup and point-in-time restore.
  • Most extensive documentation on authorization.
  • Access to the most experienced engineering team in authorization.
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