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Release: Oso 0.8.2 is out with a new SQLAlchemy integration + more list filtering features

oso v0.8.2 is out! Here's what's in the release:

  • List Filtering - The need to enforce policies over a collection of objects is a common authorization use case, and we're feverishly expanding the set of operators that you can use in a policy with list filtering, adding new adapter capabilities, and writing up docs explaining the use cases and how they work in oso. Read the docs.
  • SQLAlchemy Integration - If you're using SQLAlchemy, adding oso to your application just got easier. With this library, you can apply authorization filters to arbitrary database queries. Try the tutorial.
  • Django Integration - You can now use more operations with list filtering to write even more complex policies for list endpoint use cases – e.g., we've expanded our support for relationship fields, embedded fields, and nested field lookups. Read the docs.

And a number of other improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Added the ability to opt-out of automatic server restarts on policy updates using when using django-oso
  • Added a middleware to reload policies on each request when in debug mode when using django-oso
  • Updated runtime error messages

For more details, read the changelog.

As always, if you have technical questions or feedback, join us on Slack or open an issue.

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