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Release: Oso 0.5.0 is out with Node.js Support, Debug Mode, and More

oso v0.5.0 is out! Some highlights of the release include:

  • Node.js library - Javascript (and Typescript!) developers rejoice 🎊 oso is now available to you too. Give it a try in our updated Quickstart.
  • Debug mode - When something isn't going as you'd expect it to, you can use this mode to print debug output while evaluating oso queries to see what's going on. Learn more.
  • Syntax improvements - As of this release, parentheses are explicitly required for invoking methods with no arguments, e.g., {% c-line %}x.foo(){% c-line-end %}. This provides some much-needed differentiation from the syntax for performing an attribute lookup on an object, e.g., {% c-line %}x.foo{% c-line-end %}. A breath of relief for the language purists among us!

And a number of bug fixes, including:

  • Performance improvements for policies with many rules that have ground (constant) parameters and when using list membership with many ground elements.
  • Stack traces return the original policy source instead of the internal version.
  • New FFI methods for passing print and warning messages from the core runtime to the host language libraries.

For more details, read the changelog.

As always, if you have technical questions or feedback, join us on Slack or open an issue.

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