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Release: Oso 0.4.0 is out with Windows support, Flask, and plenty more

oso 0.4.0 is out! Highlights of the release include:

  • Windows support - For all our friends out there sporting the green grass and blue sky, oso is available to you now.
  • Flask integration - Add oso to any Flask app to ensure you authorize all requests with a  middleware that handles the heavy lifting. Learn more.
  • Built-in types - You can now specify that rule inputs should be a string, integer or list. You can call methods on them too. Learn more.

Plus a number of bug fixes and improvements to docs, including:

  • Fixed float parsing
  • Improved integer/float comparisons
  • Fixed checking membership in an empty list. x in [] is now always false
  • Fixed bug causing memory issues when running across multiple threads
  • Changed file loading behavior to load synchronously

For more details, read the changelog.

As always, if you have technical questions or feedback, join us on Slack or open an issue.

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