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Demo: Adding Authorization to a GraphQL app with Oso, Graphene and SQLAlchemy

David Hatch

oso Engineer David Hatch wrote a recent blog post on GraphQL Authorization with Graphene, SQLAlchemy and oso. As a follow-up to the post, he recorded a video that dives into using oso for enforcing authorization rules. Watch the 13-minute video below to learn about:

  • How to declaratively specify authorization rules in Polar, oso's policy language
  • How to integrate oso into a GraphQL application in only a few lines of code
  • Using the sqlalchemy-oso library  to filter collections of objects

If you want to learn more about GraphQL Authorization with Graphene, SQLAlchemy and oso, read our blog post.

If you have any feedback, or want to chat, come join us in Slack.

Useful links from video:

Sample app GitHub repository

Download oso

oso Github

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